The New Change Equation: 8 Steps for Leading P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. Change 

Plenary Conference – WAIC2019 – Lindsey Godwin and David Cooperrider – March 20th– NICE – France

As we peer into the future horizons of the field of Organization Development, we are excited to share the new change equation we believe will create a seismic shift in our approach to leading change within our organizational systems.  We posit that a change initiative’s success is predicted by the collective experience the system has of co-elevation, divided by its experience of deficit despair (C=cE/D).

Just as our bodies thrive when they are fueled by nutrient dense foods, so too do we propose a concept we call the “strengths-density” of change initiatives. It is made up of three things: 1) Whole-power, the state where we experience the entire spectrum of strengths both within and outside a system; 2) Why-power, the meaning making that happens collectively which an entire system co-creates their shared purpose; and 3) Way-power, the enacted prototypes and tools that enable a system to enact their vision for the future.

To help you put these concepts into motion, we will also share the 8 steps we are using to bring positive change into organizations, cities, communities, UN meetings, whole industries, and even individual level change.

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