The New Change Equation: 8 Steps for Leading P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. Change 

Plenary Conference – WAIC2019 – Lindsey Godwin and David Cooperrider – March 20th– NICE – France

As we peer into the future horizons of the field of Organization Development, we are excited to share the new change equation we believe will create a seismic shift in our approach to leading change within our organizational systems.  We posit that a change initiative’s success is predicted by the collective experience the system has of co-elevation, divided by its experience of deficit despair (C=cE/D).

Just as our bodies thrive when they are fueled by nutrient dense foods, so too do we propose a concept we call the “strengths-density” of change initiatives. It is made up of three things: 1) Whole-power, the state where we experience the entire spectrum of strengths both within and outside a system; 2) Why-power, the meaning making that happens collectively which an entire system co-creates their shared purpose; and 3) Way-power, the enacted prototypes and tools that enable a system to enact their vision for the future.

To help you put these concepts into motion, we will also share the 8 steps we are using to bring positive change into organizations, cities, communities, UN meetings, whole industries, and even individual level change.

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How is it that France became a land of welcome for Appreciative Inquiry?

Indeed French people are often considered as moaners, skeptical and even suspicious yet they are also curious and fond of new ideas. The positive revolution is thus gradually gaining ground on the French soil! May be it helps the country to find a recollection of the Age of Enlightenment, a time when philosophers fought the irrational, the arbitrary, and the obscurantism. Hence, since many years now, AI arouses a growing enthusiasm in France, as well as in many other countries of the world and we are delighted at this.

The positive revolution brought by Appreciative Inquiry turns around organizational and managerial ways of thinking and sheds new light on the life of organizations, but not only …It also enlightens individual developments: human beings do not necessarily have to go through painful episodes to live better, they can also and above all rely on their strengths and develop them. This is also true for families and organizations as shown through many experiences lead by AI practitioners around the world.

However, if we want to consistently take care of the common good the scope of public life has to be further focused on. There are already examples of action in the city that illustrate the power of the totality principle: when a large number of people experience it, it awakens the collective creative forces, creates an effect of concentration of these forces and leads to committed action towards social, economic and sustainable development innovations.

The WAIC 2019 in France will precisely focus on this set of experiences and questions in order to envision how AI is contributing to a better world, from the one to the whole, in our human communities.
Our proposal is to explore, in our conversations in Nice, how we are acting with AI to build a better inner world, a better world with our loved ones, in our organizations and in the communities which we take part to.

It is dear to our hearts to be prolonging the work undertaken during the lasts WAIC. We cordially invite you to come and share friendly and joyful conversations between citizens of the world, under Nice shining sun !

Jean Pagès and Jean Christophe Barralis
on behalf of the hosting team, international advisory board, and all conference partners

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am thrilled to announce a call for proposals for the 2019 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference. We are planning this exciting conference for March 19-22, 2019 in the lovely city of Nice, France. Walking in the steps of U.S., Nepal, Belgium and South-Africa, France will be the host of the next World AI Conference.

I look forward to us gathering together in France – a country knowing a lot about revolution.. and now oriented toward positive revolution !

There, we can join as a community of practitioners and scholars to learn from each other and advance in generating constructive conversations between all world actors for jointly taking care of common good. With this setting serving as our inspiration, we will explore the cutting edge work — research, practice, and breakthrough innovation — being done around the world in Appreciative Inquiry serving the common good, so that we can take the positive revolution for change to the next level together!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Please feel free to send this Call for Proposals Stories of Innovation to people you know.

I thank you in advance for your help to make sure we share great work with the wholeworld.

David Cooperrider

Char and Chuck Fowler Professor of Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Case Western Reserve University Honorary Chair at Champlain College’s Stiller School of Business

Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry