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Generating Constructive Conversations for the Common Good

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Last updates dated from February 18th.

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Abstracts have been submitted under the following themes/subthemes:

  • AI research and development (positive psychology, neurosciences, social sciences, connection with other practices…)
  • AI  and personal life  (personal development, family couples and children, life transitions…)
  • AI and business environment (healthy, flourishing and purposeful organizations…)
  • AI and social and societal evolution :
    • public services (education, healthcare, justice, culture… )
    • Institutions (cities, territories…)
    • Civil society (NGO’s, associations…)

Also, as part of our outreach searching for the best and most diverse work happening about the proposed themes, we would like you to answer the following question when you submit your proposal:

Assuming anything imaginable is possible and you could suggest any three possible speakers and/or participants in the world—people you would love to see and interact with at the Conference—who would you name? What people? What companies or organizations? What possible topics or resources do they bring?